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Seminars by professionals in the industry covering Finance, Title and Realty.

Serving South Florida with events in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm-Beach and more!

Come out fully prepared for one of the most important purchases of your life.

Welcome to BUY-A-HOME 101 SoFlo, a series of free homebuying seminars for the South Florida community.

Lead by professionals in the industry that work and deal with the Floridan market on a daily basis, our seminars aim to guide, inform, and help consumers navigate through the process of homebuying.

Make your first step be EDUCATION.

You will be ahead of the game simply by knowing your RIGHTS as a homebuyer as well as the tips and tricks of the trade of Mortgages and Financing options, working with Realtors, Title/Insurance and more!

Come learn and empower yourself. Join us on our next seminar!

What can you expect from our Homebuyer's seminars?

While not hard to understand, homebuying has a lot of factors that can be overwhelming at first, and WE GET THIS.

Some of the most common topics and questions include...

  • 1. The nuances of the different types of purchase contracts that exist in the industry.
  • 2. Common Pitfalls to look for when reviewing potential home selections.
  • 4. What is really needed to buy a home, credit requirements, investment, and time constraints.
  • 5. What county assistance is available to you and how to QUALIFY. Did you know that currently most of the State of Florida is offering up to $7,500 towards closing?
  • You can also be gifted $7,250 depending on the county. For example, Miami-Dade is assiting up to $15,000 towards closing and down payment under the right circumstances.
  • 6. How to get financed just one day out of bankruptcy.
  • 7. No need to wait 4 years after a short sale.

And many more topics with saavy solutions. Have an inquiry? Contact Us to see how we can help!

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